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Interested in Ghost Hunting or paranormal investigations? Seen Most Haunted and would like to try it yourselves? North west Paranormal offers you exclusive access to venues and leading paranormal investigators and the top mediums in the north west . Suitable for those who have never investigated to those who have been doing it for years.

Spend the night investigating, tracking activity, and scientifically testing the atmosphere. Join our team of supernatural investigators and mediums while your team uses the supplied equipment to get the most out of your night.

Call our events team now and book a night out with a difference 07918902858/01514209122/07501230000


Night out with a difference


Have you ever wanted a night to remember, one that would leave you with a shiver and experiences of what may lie beyond the normal realms of physical presence,?

Experience stately homes and other historic buildings that would otherwise not be accessible to the general public at times, if so, then why not try a night with North West Paranormal, call Gary on 07918902858 or 01514209122.


North west Paranormal cater for all occasions whether it be corporate outings, group bookings or requested visits to certain places we cater for all needs and requirements and provide a full buffet for each visit included in the price.


With North west Paranormal, we will bring very experienced Mediums with over thirty years of experience and knowledge, we will also provide equipment to monitor the locations we visit, and give a hands on approach to the night, giving opportunities to experience the different phenomena’s that the spirit world oblige us with.