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Mill street Barracks

St Helens


Saturday the 5th February and October the 29th 2011

£35 per night

Mill Street Barracks in St Helens is now used by St Helens Sea Cadets but its past is one which sometimes remains a mystery! The building has quite an eerie atmosphere k we are pleased to be returning to this very active location! Back in 2010 we conducted a few investigations at this location and came across some fantastic paranormal activity!


Cellars always hold a foreboding atmosphere but in the Barracks it is the scene of much paranormal activity! On our last visit our group was conducting a séance in Cellar 1, our medium was calling out when a member of our team heard and felt a breath



Liverpool Tabaco warehouse 

April 8th 2011


   Behind this popular market is the history and ghosts of Liverpool past.

With links to Liverpool's shipping and trade history, as well as its multi usage over the past century, from its use as a bonded warehouse to WW2 to its night club in the 1990s and the market of today - this location is yet to give up all its secrets.

The Stanley Dock opened in 1848 and was designed by Jesse Hartley. The Stanley Dock Warehouse was opened later, in 1901, and is a grade II listed building. In 2006 work began in a £20,000,000 exercise to link the connecting Leeds and Liverpool Canal to the waterways of Pier Head.

In 1901 when the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse was finished it covered the largest area of any other building. The building was used by a morgue for dead American servicemen during the war during which time it became infamous when a body snatcher was discovered and shot dead.

The dock and warehouse were used up until 1980. During their lifetime they served as a port on the sea routes between the United Kingdom and America. As a busy port it was the location for numerous murders. Immigrants and travelers, especially the Irish, were often blamed for the deaths and sometimes without any evidence at all.

There are a number of reported hauntings in Stanley Dock and Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse. It is said that the ghost of the body snatcher shot by the Americans still lurks in the building as does that of the soldier who’s body he tried to move. Psychics visiting the warehouse have often reported sensing the name ‘George’ or ‘Crippins’ in relation to the incident.

Another report tells the sad tale of a woman and a child who spend eternity roaming the huge building looking for each other but unable to meet. One theory is that both lost souls are from a Polish family who fled to England to escape famine but who never made it any further than Merseyside docks. The daughter may have drowned and the mother died of a broken heart.

Headless Moll is a ghost more commonly associated with Pier Head – having died in an accident at the Stanley copper works – but reports of a headless ghost at Stanley Docks began shortly after the construction work to link the canal around Stanley Dock to the Pier Head area started. Has this lost soul moved to the morgue or elsewhere in the warehouse?

The South West Wing of the building is known to be one of the most haunted areas of the warehouse. The morgue is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of an evil doctor!


Morecambe  Winter Gardens Theatre


May 28th 2011


 2011  £35 Each


Morcambe Winter Gardens was originally built in1897 as an extension to the first Winter Gardens building (now demolished) and was first named The Oriental Ballroom & The Victoria Pavillion theatre. It is a Grade II listed building.
The 1940's saw what many believe to be the Golden Years of the theatre's history, with many top acts such as Laurel and Hardy, George Formby and Billy Cotton.
The last performance to be staged by this magnificent theatre took place at the end of the 1970's after which Morcambe Winter Gardens closed its doors for the final time.

Rumour has it that the theatre has two sides to it which governs the ghostly activity; a good side and a bad side.  Will we find evidence for this on our investigation? Morecambe Winter Gardens has seen many a face come and go throughout its history, and it appears that some of those associated with the building have not quite gone altogether. There are numerous reports of strange incidents happening at what is reputedly one of the most haunted buildings within Lancashire. The sounds of phantom footsteps have been heard by staff and workers alike at the building, coming from areas where there is nobody present. There have been reports that workers, staff and visitors to the building have been touched and pushed by unseen spectral hands. Poltergeist activity would appear to be rife at the Morecambe Winter Gardens theatre - is this perhaps the bad side of the ghosts, or merely a playful spirit?

The spirit of a woman has been picked up on the main staircase. It is thought that during an argument with her partner she either fell or was pushed down the stairs where she died.During a visit to the Winter Gardens by the 'Most Haunted' team the sound of a woman singing was heard, as well as that of what could only be described as a growling dog.