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Ron Duffy:

Born 1945 Dingle, Ron was brought up with his siblings in a typical working class environment, and encountered his very first experience of Spiritualism when at the age of two climbing the stairs and running to his grandmothers bed shouting ‘Ninny’, and staring at an empty bed, unbeknown to the rest of the family at that moment, Ron’s Grandmother had just passed away in Hospital, however this came to no surprise to both Ron’s parents, as both had also experienced Paranormal events at the home also, in fact Ron’s Mum had already been active in her earlier years and saw the vision of Jesus Christ at the age of fourteen, and his Father also waking form a sleep one day at the home witnessed a tall man standing over him in a grey overcoat, which also left a lasting impression on him!. This same man was to also appear a couple of years later when Ron was four years old and crying on his bed because it was a very cold night and made even colder by the fact the grey coated man had once again appeared and pulled the warm blankets off Ron’s bed!.

When Ron moved to Sydney Gardens at fours years old it was to be a neighbourhood of lasting memories and adventures, with a close knit community and varying degrees of everyday life, which gave him his first unsettling visions which would last for some years, these visions gave an image of a body in a gutter burning, these visions were then followed by  the death of someone that Ron would have known, they continued for some years before thankfully stopping some time back, at the age of twelve Ron began working as the Grocery boy down the ‘Brew’, and at fourteen began a hardworking shift on the coal wagon, something that every household was in need of in those days. Ron would socialise with all the other kids in the neighbourhood with the usual singing on the stairs amongst other adventures, and quite surprisingly it was at this point of the conversation I found out that Ron had indeed grown up with my own family of mother and uncles and aunties in Sydney Gardens, and in no doubt I must have passed him myself as wee nipper when visiting my Nan at some point.

At Fifteen Ron went to work on the Market as a Fruit Porter and in 1962 made a career move to the Railways, during his time at the Railway Ron was involved in numerous accidents, once were the train he was in left the track and crashed headlong on the adjacent street!, this did prompt Ron to question the reasons why he was always so lucky to survive this and other similar accidents that occurred at the Railway, some very close indeed!.

Mediumship at this point in Ron’s life was not something which had developed, although he was continuing to have visions, for example one day as he walked down the street near his home, the houses and shops completely disappeared and suddenly Ron was looking at an eighteenth Century picturesque street with Victorian housing and shops instead, no other people where in the street and it lasted for a few minutes, all this whilst he was on his usual walk home, this was a typical vision that Ron at the time thought normal and that everyone experienced this type of behaviour. Ron went on to work in Vauxhall for a number of years, before moving to Stanlow Oil Refinery when he was thirty five.

It was whilst working here that Ron met a friend who was visiting a spiritualist at the time-something which was new to Ron! So he decided to tap along and experience what it was like too,more out of curiosity. The circle was situated above an old Bakery on Brook Street, and was run by Alec Brassington, this particular venue had been going for more than 100 years and so had a good reputation. Ron witnessed the event and left feeling curious about the visit, and so decided that he would visit again the following week, with his friend.

This second visit would be the turning point in Ron’s life, unbeknown to him, he was about to be told in no uncertain terms what lay ahead of himself for the next thirty years!, the Medium singled Ron out in the room by pointing at him and called his name out loud, then proceeded to explain to him what he will do, and what will happen in his life, - things which are still happening now to this day. Ron was told that his life would be changed to helping people and to show compassion to others and also explore further his own Spiritualism.

For Ron Spiritualism as he knew it back in the sixties and Seventies, was not accepted like it is today, and he experienced profound scepticism and abuse through many of his early years. But his belief and support from the Spirit world has helped him become the person he is today, a much Respected and loved member of the Community, in Spirit and Love.



                                        Now that Ron was fully aware of the path that lay ahead of him, he began in earnest to develop his own spiritualism and that of others through the decades of dedication and devotion to living a better life on Earth, knowing that his faith would be paid when he eventually enters into Heaven, this message I have actually heard myself one evening when present at a transfiguration that Ron was hosting!.

For Ron helping other people in whatever way possible, be it spiritually or by physical healing has led him to experiences of both good and bad, however through them all, he has solidly portrayed the kind and unselfishness attitudes which largely go unnoticed in today’s society, unless you are the person who has benefited from the experiences!

I asked Ron what so far would experience has left a lasting impression on him throughout his time as a Medium, and without a pause he has replied the death of his Father.

For Ron this was an experience that he actually foresaw a few weeks earlier and upon visiting his Father each weekend repeatedly questioned him on his health and wellbeing, up to the point one early morning he lay in bed and suddenly felt a massive pain in his chest, this lasted for a few moments and then Ron felt back to normal. A few hours later Rons Brother came to see him to inform him of the sad news that their dad had indeed passed away that morning due to a heart attack, however the news from Rons brother was greeted in a calming voice, Ron had indeed already prepared himself for this day and informed his brother of not only his experiences over the last few weeks, but of also chatting to their dad that very morning on the end of Rons bed!.

Ron did not shed tears for the passing of his father, not through lack of emotion or sadness, but instead was happy, happy in the knowledge that his Father was now in the most beautiful of places and was glowing with happiness, which Ron knew already, as his father had told him so.

I asked Ron how did he cope mentally with this experience and other tasks that were also so demanding of his own body and mind, and he did advise that at one point in his life the powers that had given him so much spiritualism were taken away from him for a period of time, not through misuse, but simply because the spirits had seen how physically drained and tired he had become through his daily tasks as a father, Husband, Worker, and Medium, even strangers that Ron never knew had benefitted from him by his healing just simply by standing next to him in shops or queues,  the toll took its effect and left Ron at a point in his life feeling so drained he had to take rest for a few months, eventually the powers he had been given came back, and they came back with a huge surge in his energy, he felt stronger and more aware than ever before.

One of the many tests that Ron was to undertake in his journey of spiritualism was when he was just starting off, this test lasted for about a year or so, and what Ron was to go through would make him so much more stronger and courageous in helping people in trouble!.Ron explained that over a couple of nights each week he would lie down and he would go into a trance like state, during which he felt as though he was gripping two handles with his hands tightly, and through these handles a surge of electricity flowed through, the felling was at first minimal but as the surge became stronger so did the pain until Ron could not stand it any longer and he would say stop!, and the pain from the surge would stop immediately. This experience went on and each time Ron would surpass the threshold of the previous time, until after a year or so of this he could no longer take the level of surge any longer and he shouted out ‘no more please’, this was greeted with a reply back, ‘We will come again Ron Dufy’. When I asked Ron what all this meant, he replied that it was a test of his faith to see how far he could go, and how strong his spiritualism was, for he knew that sterner tests than this lay ahead of him in his quest to help other people.

One other story that is similar to this was when Ron kept having a vision at night of a giant two door Oak entrance, this entrance he knew he had to enter, but for some reason there was a massive fear that Ron was experiencing behind these doors, with a putrid horrific smell that was so pugnant he could almost be physically ill, however he battled his fear and turned the lock on the door to enter, and then the vision would go, only to return again a few nights later, but this time with Ron now opening the doorway, in to darkness and abhorrent smell, he stepped inside this dark room and saw a staircase, again made from Oak, and again the dream ended there, a few nights later it re-emerged and he bravely made his first step up the staircase, until after each couple of steps and the vision stopping and starting after each fear laden advancement he finally reached the door at the top of the stairs, when he eventually opened it, he was greeted by a room that shone the most brightest and spectacular light that he had ever saw, and in the middle of this room stood a throne, and upon this Throne was Rons Dad!, he was looking at Ron and smiling, and Ron then saw another door, he could now feel himself stronger than before and he could now open the door much easier and with less fear than before, the next door was again bathed in beautiful light and there was another of Rons Relatives , and he saw another door to which he opened and saw a friend of his and so on, the doors where endless and so were the people that Ron had met and helped in his life, all sitting in their rooms happy and enveloped in this beautiful light. Ron told me that these test where dealt to him to become a stronger spiritualist and he has today become one of the most renowned and respected Mediums of his generation.

Ron has also experienced other areas of spiritualism which he calls the grey area, that place that we all know as evil and Hell, and I will look to one more meeting with Ron next week to speak about this side of Spiritualism with him. But for now let us say that the world we live in is a place that is so much happier and loving with People like Ron Duffey, sharing their Spiritualism with all that require it. Thanks Ron these meetings have certainly helped me to understand life a lot more!.


This final part of the Trilogy was supposed to be about the glamour/excitement and frightening tales from the dark side, and to an extent it does contain these themes but throughout the interview I also gained an insight into another side of spiritualism which has really been underlined throughout the whole of these interviews with Ron and something I will concentrate on at the final sentences, hopefully reflecting the mood and direction with which the interviewee has gone about his life role.

I asked Ron about his experiences in exorcism, and how through the years he has kept his faith/strength of mind and devotion?, in some cases in unpleasant circumstances. Ron approached the subject with the same controlled thought and emotion that he had displayed in his previous interviews again, demonstrating his love for the role he has undertaken, he rubbed his stubble for a few moments before replying, taking his time to answer in a thoughtful process, Ron is a man who will not be rushed by anyone, and upon his delayed reply I gained the notion that I was not going to be given Hollywood style stories but merely the truth about the way it actually is!.

Ron started off by describing a story, where he was called to a house in Wales some dozen years ago, here the family were in turmoil, and desperate for help. At the home lived the parents and also teenagers, one of them being a young girl of about thirteen/fourteen, the trouble had started some months earlier with objects moving and gradually becoming increasingly more troublesome until the moments that one of the teenagers in the house, the young girl was actually dragged out of her bed by a physical entity!. This was obviously a dramatic moment for the family and one that resulted in them contacting the Spiritual organisation which is established wide across the country.

Ron travelled down and took a partner with him, when he arrived at the home he instantly sensed a spirit there, a spirit that had established itself for many a year and was not in any happy mood either.

At this point I was expecting ceiling crawling and windows being blasted out and maybe projectile vomiting!, but as I say this is not Hollywood, and Ron was about to turn the tables on this scenario and open my mind to a very different aspect of Exorcism.

Ron also had a camera at hand which his partner was happy to take photos, as he went about his work, (I have personally seen these colour photos!). Ron began his business of clearing every room in the home all bar one in the back bedroom and it was here he was met by the entity, however for Ron his work is not about destroying and retribution, it is about love and seeking to help all, and through his spiritual guidance he could see that the entity was actually an old man, this man had in his later years on earth been abused by children and was angry at this hence the attacking of the teenagers in the home!, Ron spoke to the spirit, and explained that he did not have to suffer like this any longer and that he was welcome in Heaven if he just entered the light and passed over, the Spirit understood Rons Words and direction and indeed passed over to the light, freeing the home of any further actions from the spirit world and releasing the families fears. In this story Ron has shown that it is not always the victims that are suffering, but an understanding of why and how it happened resulted in Ron helping both parties to a happy ending!.

Another example of how Spiritualism shows love and enlightenment was when Ron was called over ‘the Water’, Here Ron explained a family were again being attacked by a Spirit, and the home was no longer inhabitable, Ron again entered the house and began to search for reasons and answers to why the ‘Haunting’s ‘ were happening!, again, Ron was confronted by a Spirit in turmoil, The Spirit was immensely unhappy and also felt guilty, resulting in its frustrations at the family home, and for Ron, it again gave him another opportunity to show the love and dedication from  his Spiritualism which has helped so many people and spirits in the past.

This Particular story was rather sad, as many many years ago during a great recession; the family that had lived there previously had made the decision to commit suicide. This was a harrowing investigation for everyone, however Ron was determined to understand the reasons for the unhappiness and try to resolve this issue!.

The main part of the Suicide involved the Husband being instrumental in the rest of the families deaths before himself committing the act to finally relieve the long suffering of poverty, hunger and unhappiness that had plagued the family for so long, However, after the deaths of the rest of his Family, the Husband actually survived his own attempt at suicide and lived in utter despair and sadness for what he had done the rest of his life on Earth!.

When he did eventually pass away, his Spirit was so racked in guilt that it daren’t pass over to the light as it was frightened of what it had done on earth and feared the retribution that it thought would await. However for Ron this was not about revenge or destruction or judgement it was about doing his role that he was instructed to do so many years previously, and that was to show this tortured spirit the love and light that existed for everyone when they passed over, and through the light the Spirit could actually see his family appear the wife and his children all beckoning him to come to the light smiling and waiting for him once more, the Spirit, upon seeing how happy his family were once more, moved to the light and indeed did pass through with his family, to be reunited once again in love and light.

For Ron his work was done at the home, and as you can read, Ron was helping not only folk on this realm, but also helping spirits that had passed over and were in a state of uncertainty and frustration. Throughout these interviews the one constant theme that is portrayed is Rons Strong dedication and love to Spiritualism and life, and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the privilege of giving me an insight to his life and understanding of life, and how his beliefs have made this world so much more fuller in terms of love and helping each other to reach a point in our lives we all want to achieve.

Thanks Ron J


Written and published by James Danily