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Carol: An Affair of the Heart;

Carol was born into a family of four siblings, three sisters and a brother on Princes street, Widnes, her Mother and Father had never displayed any previous Communication with Spirit and for Carol, her journey to where she is today is reflected through destiny and love, a destiny she never realised was part of her life, that would first be introduced to her and also leave a lasting memory, showing her how spiritualism and love could help the community, and also, love for her own family and friends. Carol knew that at her age with her own children to look after, that was her first priority,

Carols first encounter with Spirit came when she was just eight years of age, and was walking upstairs to bed one summers evening when she suddenly realised her aunt was at the bottom of the stairs, Carol instantly felt her and turned to hear her aunt say a goodbye to her, it was then that Carol had encountered her first experience of Spiritualism as her Aunt had already passed away some time previously!, but for Carol as a young girl this was insignificant for her to realise what had happened and she gleefully went on her way growing as any other young girl of her generation did.

It was some years later that Carol engaged in her most vivid encounter and it was as a young teenager whilst riding her PINK WITCH bike, that she encountered a very surreal experience with Spirit, whilst pedalling like the clappers on the Pink Witch, she came to her home to park it in the back of the house as normal procedure and then lock the gat behind her, but as she rode up between her own home and he neighbours, suddenly, a mummified man ran right towards her from the side, entered right through her and carried on running! Obviously for young teenager this was not an everyday occurrence and it petrified Carol as she was perplexed by what had happened!, she threw the bike down and ran into the house, this incurring the wrath of her siblings and parents as she had not put the bike away or locked the back door, however this was a far better punishment than going back out there again in case the spirit returned, for Carol this was so unreal to her she never told anyone at the time, even if it meant being told off as a result!.

Carol settled down with her own family at an early age as was the custom in those days and adored her children, however one day when she was twenty one, she came to visit the Widnes Spiritualist church with a friend for the first time, as soon as she had set foot into the Church Carol Knew instantly by the feelings she was getting that this was a really special place for her to be and knew that one day she would return back.

Carols other vivid experience whilst growing up was also something similar to the tests which Ron Duffy had to endure, tests that were designed to see how far Spirit could take the human soul and how much strength each chosen person had, where as Ron’s tests were of electric shocks, Carols was her Arch Nemesis HEIGHTS!, Carol was petrified of heights and whilst she slept , she could regularly feel herself ‘float’ above the bed and window – at first, Carol knew what was happening to her and when the height gradually rose each time and eventually taking her outside the house, she constantly clung on to the Gas lamps in the street for dear life! Fearing she would ‘float away into the night sky!, she eventually reached the heights of tall buildings and Carol later on in life realised this was a test of her spiritual self.

Carol watched her family grow up over the years and eventually at the age of fifty  two, she decided one day to re-visit the Widnes church again, after a gap of twenty years Carol instantly felt the same feelings as she did all those years previously, and knew this was where she belonged. For Carol her true spiritual path was about to be unveiled to her over the course of the next year, and bring her into full contact with spirit world like she had never imagined  - or had but just chose to ignore – but not for very much longer!.....


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 Whilst I was interviewing Carol in the Church we decided to sit over by the radiator! Lovely and warm, I was able to rest my left arm on it and feel the warm air coming onto me whilst I started the interview!, after about fourty minutes, a leaflet that was on the far wall stuck with big bluetac and laminated, come unstuck and fell backwards hanging over its self, that lasted about thirty seconds before the whole A4 leaflet came crashing down on the floor, at that point i was nearly sitting on Carols Knee!. Suddenly the warm air from the radiator disappeared and was replaced by a cold steady breeze on my writing hand that was taking notes!, Carol quickly commented that this was her DAD, and that he was always in contact with her. He stroked Carols hair and face and stayed with us for the next ten mins and for the whole time I never felt the warmth of the radiator even though I was practically sitting on it!. J