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Morecambe  Winter Gardens Theatre


There was a time when Morecambe was a thriving seafront town full of holiday visitors and trades plying their wares to all and sundry, ensuring it was one of the few  places that could genuinely say had the Dolce Vita factor, not any more. Morecambe is now a shadow of its former self, with closed amenities and very little in the way of new attractions rekindindling any former youthful exuberance as thee place to be.


However situated on the seafront is a building that is slowly returning to its former glories giving this once proud town a glimmer of life and a chance to once again burst into a life of song, dance and laughter. I am of course talking about Morecambe Winter Gardens, the grand old theatre with a history that would interest even the most ardently dull people.


This Theatre also has a history of a less discussed topic, and one which has extensively been investigated by various groups and individuals, I am talking of course of the supernatural forces that have been so evidently monitored over the years by Paranormal investigators across the country.


Last year we had already paid a visit to this great building as a paranormal group and that night we all experienced things that have never been explained or confirmed since. The history of the Theatre derives that it has two sides to it on the Paranormal level, one side good, the other bad, our first visit to the site last year in my opinion had most definitely experienced the bad side, with Metal bars being launched against walls and an uneasing feeling of being touched and other unexplained phenomena’s appearing.


Having experienced the first visit with so much fear and inquisitiveness, our second visit was a complete contrast. This time around, the team introduced two new members, both Mediums in their own right and with a knowledge and experience spanning over thirty years the group was more than adequately able to deal with any contacts that would be met that night, Both Ron and Carol used their experience and skills to the upmost during the night, Ron explained that the building was indeed host to some large numbers of spirits and that there were a number of children still stuck inside there. This resulted in Carol  forming a circle with the Paranormal team and gathering all the children inside the circle and then guiding them to the light, this of course had an effect on the bad side of the Theatre however due to earlier practices that both Ron and Carol had prepared that week any evil spirits were always rebuffed on the night ensuring everyone was safe and a fun and enjoyable investigation was carried out through the night.