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Foxdenton Hall


Saturday night was the scene for our latest paranormal event at the petit but very beautiful and interesting Foxdenton hall. The evening was off to a great start when we arrived at the venue without getting lost!,  as I had Annemarie beside me, anyone who knows Annemarie and her route knowledge, clearly understands that this in its self was a minor miracle.


Once everyone had finished admiring the beautiful grounds and enjoying the fantastic Buffet so very well put together by Lorraine, it was time to get the group together and start the night’s proceedings.


First was the group vigil in the main room of the house, Ron and Carol took the group and formed a circle, and everyone relaxed as Ron described what was happening and Carol intermittently breaking out in to songs of  cheerful tones which apparently was because there where spirits of children about and this is what they liked to hear.


The vigil brought up some interesting comments and sightings and various people believed they had seen different spirits and also a vortex at different times within the circle and outside it.


After a nice warm cup of tea, the group paraded up stairs to split into smaller compact rooms and there the  now quite familiar activities of table tipping and moving of glasses was once again initiated, this bringing some quite varied responses from the groups.


Finally around about three am, we all returned to the main room, were Ron and Carol huddled us together for a rather special performance!. Ron sat in front of everyone and carol dimmed the light, and explained as Ron went into a trance that we were about to witness transfiguration…


Now I have never heard of this before, and I admit I am one of the biggest sceptics about, however what I witnessed in that room was absolutely spectacular, and has certainly made my interest a lot stronger after witnessing the whole proceedings.


Ron was “taken” over by a spirit call Dick (Williams, I believe), and he was an elderly gentleman but very amusing and sharp, he spoke candidly and also gave advice on what is important in your physical life etc. HE also mentioned my none believing, however I am still waiting for my visit! J


So at the end of a very, very entertaining night I have to say Foxdenton was a great success and will our next visit will be announced shortly, thanks everyone especially Gary and Lorraine, Ron and Carol, and last but not least Annemarie for getting there without having to ask for Directions