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Our goal

Our goal is simple: to explore the paranormal and through our ghost hunts and ghost investigations to bring forward any evidence of paranormal activity we may find. We also offer you the opportunity to join us on one of our ghost hunts so that you can find and record your own paranormal evidence.


Do you need help?

We also hold private investigations and have done many in the past, some with outstanding results. Audio and visual Recordings are made then scrutinized to see if anything unusual has been captured. Within a couple of weeks they will provide you with a professional, honest opinion on whether the location investigated may be haunted.

Paranormal Television

I do find the possibility of life after death and the possible existence of ghosts to be fascinating, and I would like to learn and know more about the paranormal and related topics. I watch TV programs like Ghost hunters on the SyFy channel, Ghost adventures on the Travel Channel and the one of this type of program I find the most sincere and believable is A&E's Paranormal State. I really don't know how much of the so called evidence that these programs present are real and how much may have been fabricated for the benefit of the program and ratings, but regardless of that I still find them interesting. I do believe that most of the people who act as paranormal investigators on these TV programs are sincere and believe in what the're doing. But I am also suspect of the evidence they present because it is relatively easy to manipulate any photo and audio evidence with modern computer technology. So before you believe in any of the evidence these ghost hunter programs present, think of the ways it could have been tampered with or manipulated. They also rely a lot of what they call EVP or electronic voice phenomenon. The problem I see with these is that most of them are unintelligible, and the investigators seem to come up with what ever they think may have been said. I think some of these so called EVP's or nothing more than static or natural disturbances of the electromagnetic field in the area where the EVP's are being conducted, and that static may sound like words because the brain tries to make sense out of chaos of that static. It's the same phenomena that allows us to see figures in the clouds, your brain tries to made sense out of randomness. But then again I am open minded enough to believe that some of these EVP's may be actual ghost or spirit voices.


Another thing that bothers me about these paranormal TV shows is that some of these paranormal investigative groups seem to think that their investigative techniques are superior to that of other groups. And what bothers me even more about this attitude is that they insinuate it in no uncertain terms during the making of the show. I think this does an real injustice to all paranormal groups and gives a bad impression to the general public. I'm not going to mention the group or groups that I think are doing this, because I don't want to receive a bunch of hate email from their fans. If ghost hunting is going to become a real scientific endeavor rather than a pseudo-science, then I think these groups should join together to legitimize the study of the paranormal. I also feel that some of the paranormal investigators on these programs tend to emote their reactions to potential paranormal events just a little bit too much, but again I'm not going to mention which group.


Some of these paranormal investigative groups are open to the idea of using psychics and mediums in their investigations, while other groups and dead set against it. I think the ones that are against the use of psychics are attempting to make themselves look more scientific in their approach to the paranormal. But the way I see it as an observer, is that they, the paranormal investigators should use whatever tools they have at their disposal in their attempts to understand and proof the existence of ghosts, and the paranormal. After all even police departments will sometimes ask for and receive the help of psychics in criminal investigations, including murder cases